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Seablick ConsultingFriday, April 24, 2009

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Seablick Consulting


Vasilis Terzopoulos


Think of Design

Project Details

Seablick Consulting is the brain child of Tom Kraak and Vasilis Terzopoulos. The consultancy focuses on developing accessible, standards compliant and search engine-optimized websites around the open-source DotNetNuke web application framework. At the core of is a popular blog maintained by Tom Kraak and an enthusiastic team of guest bloggers covering DNN news, tips and tricks, DNN SEO, and insights and opinions about the DotNetNuke community at large.

Web developer and prolific DNN skinner Vasilis Terzopoulos took it upon himself to redesign every 6 months or so to showcase the power and evolution of the DotNetNuke skinning engine and to advocate web standards-based development within the DNN community.


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