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America's AgendaTuesday, April 28, 2009

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America's Agenda


R2integrated (R2i)

Project Details

America's Agenda engaged R2integrated to help spread awareness of ten roundtable discussions taking place across the country known as the Summit Conversations. The goal of these ten roundtable meetings led by labor, America’s Agenda executives, corporate leaders, key policy makers and a handful of relevant, well-informed celebrities is to develop, share and discuss the growing consensus in America: that health care reform is necessary and it is time for America and its leaders to move towards action and results.

R2i Solution: R2i began with website development and putting together a unique digital marketing plan with support for the Summit Conversations brand. The first event was streamed live on the new website. R2i developed a spreadable widget for website owners to display videos from the event.

As a blogger relation and outreach strategy, R2i provided high profile bloggers with information related to the Summit Conversations. Media buys were placed on the Drudge Report,, Daily Kos, and the Washington Post. An email marketing campaign was also put in place that targeted business leaders and members of Congress.

Modules Used

Open Web Studio


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