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Pella CorporationFriday, April 24, 2009

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Pella Corporation


R2integrated (R2i)

Project Details

KC Company windows is a Mid-Atlantic distributor of Pella Windows and Doors. Facing fierce local competition and a tightening macro-economic environment, KC Company needed a lead-generation system to provide higher returns on capital, predictability and ease of measurement. R2integrated's Digital Marketing team was sought to implement and automate this process.

R2i Solution: R2integrated began with a thorough research and discovery phase, focusing on industry and search term competition. In this case, analysis of local competitors revealed a glaring deficiency in the design of most of their campaigns. This deficiency--based on a relevancy revision recently implemented by the major search engines--would cause uninformed advertisers to pay much higher click prices than advertisers with properly designed campaigns. This insight increased the scope of work considerably, but it was clearly a necessity.

Upon launch, the campaign quickly became a success, lowering KC Company's cost-per-lead by more than 10% almost immediately. The detailed reporting and analytics gave R2i a view of exactly which keywords and product offerings produced the highest conversion rates at the lowest costs. Through a series of "tweaks" that took place (including bid/position management, custom site placements, ad copy variations, landing page split-tests, automated email responses, and sales process review), R2i was able to reduce KC Company's cost-per-lead by an additional 3%.

To date, the paid campaign continues to produce strong, consistent results as R2i investigates alternative marketing methods such as organic search and social media to further reduce marketing costs over the long-term.

Modules Used

Open Web Studios


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