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Arenus Mobile AppMonday, December 12, 2011

Tags: Business, Corporation

Arenus Mobile App
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    At Enliven, we build high quality modern web sites and web applications. Our goal is to help meeting business goals while providing a high quality experience for users.

    We are a small boutique development shop with a team of professionals who have a strong foundation on the web and focus on web standards, mobile technologies and open source.

    We take a holistic approach to each project - leveraging years of experience - to help fine-tuning ideas and avoid common pitfalls. We believe that by focusing on the people, a better product will result.

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    Arenus Web App (must view this in your mobile device)
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    Arenus, a division of Novus International, is a premier provider of innovative health and nutrition products for pets and horses. To expand their reach via different target audiences, Novus came to Enliven to seek for different content delivering approaches. We've worked with Novus team to create a smooth mobile experience for users on tablets and smartphones.


    We took the approach of sharing desktop with mobile version so all content management can be done in one place. We also created a mobile detection and redirection using 51 Degrees mobile database. Using responsive design approach, we were able to deliver site design and its layout across multiple devices (both phones and tablets) without being restricted to one.

  • Extensions

    • 51Degrees by 51Degrees


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