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Gladson DesignSunday, May 15, 2011

Tags: Business, Corporation

Gladson Design
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    At Enliven, we build high quality modern web sites and web applications. Our goal is to help meeting business goals while providing a high quality experience for users.

    We are a small boutique development shop with a team of professionals who have a strong foundation on the web and focus on web standards, mobile technologies and open source.

    We take a holistic approach to each project - leveraging years of experience - to help fine-tuning ideas and avoid common pitfalls. We believe that by focusing on the people, a better product will result.

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    Gladson is in need of creating a new brand for the design group to promote Gladon's strength of store design. Their team wants to have complete control and update capability of its content with specific approval workflows.

    Enliven was able to provide branding and design direction follow by user experience guidance for content creation.

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