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Friday, December 2, 2011 by Ian Robinson

Resource Round Up: Client Side Performance in DotNetNuke 6.1

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DotNetNuke 6.1 introduced a new set of functionality for managing client resources (CSS and JavaScript files).

Here is a quick round up of resources to learn (and do) more:

The blog post Enhancements for working with JavaScript and CSS files in DNN 6.1 is a great introduction to the new features.

The blog post DNN 6.1 JS/CSS File Combination: Potential Gotchas offers some practical information and strategic insights relating to file combination.

The official documentation for the new DotNetNuke Client Resource Managment features provides a thorough introduction as well as details all of the new API.

The Client Dependency Framework is the underlying open source project being used for the heavy lifting.

I've created a DNN module called Client Resource Admin which provides a user interface for managing Client Resource features from within your DotNetNuke site. I highly recommend using this instead of configuring your web.config by hand! It also has a bunch of good information in it about what the various settings are.

And I've also created another extension called Client Resource Logger that logs any events from the Client Dependency Framework to the DotNetNuke event viewer.


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