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Friday, July 18, 2008 by Cuong Dang

Howdy, dnnGallery visitors!

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dnnGallery opened to the public less than two weeks ago and we have received quite a bit of attention from the community. Thanks to all the support and encouragement -- especially to those who took the time to personally e-mail me. Many thanks to Vitaly Kozadayev and Tom Kraak for showing their support to us as well.

We have had visitors from more than 70 countries around the world and several dropped notes to say how they enjoy seeing the new showcase site for DotNetNuke projects that go the extra mile.

This site is not just a small showcase of sites, it represents the great work of many who have taken DotNetNuke seriously and successfully implemented for many organizations worldwide.

We have received many submissions in the first two weeks but were not able to feature everyone's work here at the gallery. The reason is that many submissions do not comply with our submission guidelines.

If you would love to spread the word about DotNetNuke, please be sure to register and submit the work you've done for everyone to see.

While dnnGallery is still in an early stage, we're working on some improvements as well as introducing some more features to provide benefit to the community. If you'd like to see some changes on this site, please feel free to let us know -- we'd love to hear from everybody all over the world.

Our hope is to make dnnGallery become the destination for DotNetNuke experts and professionals that want to learn more about adopting DotNetNuke for their web presence.

Thanks everybody!


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