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Tuesday, March 29, 2011 by Cuong Dang

DotNetNuke 6.0 will Include DDRMenu as Official Navigation Provider

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DDRmenu by Mark AllanJoe Brinkman today announced DotNetNuke has decided to include DDRMenu by Mark Allan as part of 6.0 release.

I once blogged about navigation options in DotNetNuke that designers should know. Depending on what type of feature set you’re looking for, the options availble can help accomplishing the design without writing custom provider.

DDRMenu provides great flexibility in designing and styling your website navigation through its templating capability. It is more likely this will be the only navigation provider you'll ever need for DotNetNuke projects.

If you’re new to this navigation, go ahead and take a look at what have been done out there by Mark himself through the templates. You can download those templates and customize it to fit your design.

In terms of functionality provided, I have not personally played with the menu, but I’m sure it’s even more powerful than the core DNN Menu currently in 5.x.

Congratulation to Mark and DotNetNuke for adopting the new menu that enhances the user experience for the community and those whose using DotNetNuke websites.

I look forward to working with this menu and contribute some templates to the community as well!


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