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Tuesday, March 15, 2011 by Cuong Dang

Enhanced 40 Fingers StyleHelper SkinObject

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We've been messing with more DotNetNuke development in mobile (smart phones and tablets) environment lately and have learned a great deal of knowledge in dealing with devices and OSes.

40 Fingers Style Helper Skin ObjectRecently we found that need to make sure the page is rendering appropriate content and meta viewport when viewed on mobile devices.

Ian looked into 40 Fingers Style Helper Skin Object and it allows the ability to add meta to head of the document when building your skin without doing it manually on the page level.

While Timo did great on providing the tool and it lets you add multiple values of the meta content, but not multiple meta tags themself. We had to modify it a bit to allow this feature to happen.

Ian posted the changes on codeplex so you'll be able to grab the latest version while awaiting for the next release of this awesome skin object.



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