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Wednesday, March 9, 2011 by Cuong Dang Design That Didn't Make It

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While cleaning up my laptop today I discovered some of the old design files I did a while ago but never shown it to anybody. If you're a long time user of DotNetNuke, you might remember the old DotNetNuke website look and feel (red theme) before it was using the Minimal Extropy skin.

I was approached by one of the co-founders on the redesign initiative of website. Since the timeframe was a bit of a rush, I got a chance to do a re-align of the site over the weekend instead of a full redesign process. Since then the effort to implement the new design didn't seem to be practical with certain deadline approached, we had to drop the project and used the Minimal Extropy instead.

Anyway, I though I would share some of the comps for you all to see. I wish I could show you the original version of it but the way back machine doesn't seem to archive any of the CSS, images or JS files of the site so we're out of luck here.

I'm providing you with the original dimension of the files so they are a bit larger and will open new tab/window for the view. Hope you enjoy!

Homepage homepage redesign

Two-column layout two-column redesign

Three-column layout three-column redesign


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