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Wednesday, August 11, 2010 by Cuong Dang

Show Your Support to Day of DotNetNuke Chicago Event

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You may have known by now the Day of DotNetNuke event for the Chicagoland area announced last week via Twitter and DotNetNuke blog. It seems the buzz has been going on since and there are quite a few respected community members of the platform showed off their excitement and support from personal blog posts to social media sites.

To satisfy this thirst, I took the liberty of creating a little badge to make the job of supporting this free event even easier so everybody else can take advantage of. As seen on this post, a little graphics that can be embedded onto your webpages showing off “I’m attending” Day of DotNetNuke Chicago.

So go ahead and grab the file below and start helping us spreading the words and let’s make it a successful and fun event for all!

"I'm attending" JPG with border

I'm attending Day of DotNetNuke Chicago event

"I'm attending" GIF format without border

I'm attending Day of DotNetNuke Chicago event


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