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Thursday, November 5, 2009 by Ian Robinson

User Experience in DotNetNuke Presentation: What to Expect

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Dang and I are doing a presentation next week at Open Force entitled “UX in DotNetNuke: Designing Your Applications the Right Way.” One of the challenges we face as presenters is making sure we attract the right people and set their expectations appropriately as to what the actual content of the presentation will be. While our title and description are accurate, it may be helpful to go into more detail.

To start, here is our presentation description, as appears on the Open Force 2009 web site:

Good user experience (UX) is not limited to an appealing user interface. It is about making an application that is easy for your users to learn and interact with. This session will explore the process of creating a good user experience from prototyping your design and user workflow through implementation. Learn the secrets to creating intuitive forms, consistent user interaction, and polished and responsive user interfaces.


This presentation appears in the skinning and design track, but is really intended for developers as much as designers. The topics we’ll discuss will apply to anyone who is interested in extending DotNetNuke, which should be most everyone at Open Force.

Real World Foundation

In this presentation we’ll be using a DotNetNuke module that we created as an example to demonstrate good user experience principles and techniques, which is what we would call  “the right way,” and of course its subjective, but as long as your putting the best interests of your user first, you’re probably pretty close to the right way already.


We’d like this presentation to be Dang and I leading a conversation with the audience. We know that doesn’t always happen, so we’ll be prepared to give the presentation to a room full of chirping crickets just in case, but ideally what we show you will get you thinking and asking questions. “How can I apply these principles and techniques in my project?”

Your Questions Answered

Following is an outline with questions that we’ll answer. These are the questions that we would anticipate an average person having about our presentation.


  • What are we talking about?
  • Why do you care?


  • What does user experience mean?
  • What is “good user experience” anyway?


  • So, how can I plan my UX considerations in the prototyping and design phase?


  • Can I see some examples?

Why two speakers?

This isn’t a real designery or programmery talk, it’s both, and neither. It’s about creating making your DotNetNuke website intuitive and easy to use. The presentation is based on work we’ve done together where Dang handles the graphics, markup, and a lot of the UX decisions, while I help him as necessary with that stuff, and handle everything else, the client side and server side code. As such, we thought it would make the most sense to do this talk together. This way we can better field questions and give examples for anyone in the audience, whatever their nature.

Session Details

  • What: DSD301: UX in DotNetNuke! Designing Your Applications the Right Way
  • Where: DotNetNuke OpenForce 09 Connections, Mandalay Bay, Lagoon E&F
  • When: 11:15am, Tuesday November 10th 2009


Dang and I are both really excited to go back to Open Force this year and to get to present about doing the stuff we love to do. We hope you can attend the presentation, and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions – just leave a comment below.

Also, Dang will also be giving another presentation on Wednesday at 11:45 entitled “Advanced DotNetNuke Skinning Concepts through CSS and XHTML.”

See you in Vegas!


Friday, November 6, 2009 8:20 AM
Comments from the following blog entry:
Friday, November 6, 2009 9:10 PM
I feel sorry for being unable to attend your session due to 6k miles distance. I'd like to take your results into account within the work of core "experience" team, where I am mainly focusing on Usability.
Ian Robinson
Friday, November 6, 2009 9:18 PM
One thing I didn't mention in the blog post - but am planning on doing - is having the presentation recorded. It may not be the highest quality video - but I think that these are some important concepts to share with our community so ideally we can get it recorded to share with those who are not able to attend!
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