About dnnGallery

Welcome to dnnGallery!

As you might know, DotNetNuke has grown over the years to become one of the most popular ASP.NET open-source platforms. As the world moving towards Web Standards and Accessibility, the two things that making DotNetNuke to be the next big thing is the appeal in design and usability.

dnnGallery is the place that only showcase best practices in DotNetNuke implementation. We search the community for you and feature the most current techniques in DotNetNuke site design and module implementation.

While it is still in an initial state, we're working to keep improving it and bringing you the most quality work in the DotNetNuke community. Please feel free to contact us to suggest any changes or improvements you want to see here at dnnGallery.



dnnGallery was created with the mission to spread the talent of businesses and individuals to the world relating to DotNetNuke and to create a reliable source of inspiration for users.

dnnGallery is a place for:

  • Visitors to showcase their work including skin design and web site implementation...
  • Visitors to network with others including developers, designers, project managers...
  • Business professionals to find partners or consultants for future projects
  • Everybody to learn and share knowledge of DotNetNuke

Who's Behind This?

Cuong Dang

Cuong Dang

Cuong Dang is a web standards advocate and user experience designer. He works extensively on web technologies and has helped organizations build better software, websites and applications while putting users and business goals as main focus.

Cuong has published with Wrox on web standards and spoken at various conferences around the country and Europe. He often speaks about topics surrounding HTML5, mobile design, user experience, and general web development best practices.

Cuong is passionate about marketing and technologies. He co-founded Enliven, a boutique interactive and technology company in St. Louis focusing on user experience and modern web and mobile design and development.

Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson

Ian has a passion for problem solving and enabling great user experience and maintainability through use of modern web technologies.

A strong advocate of open source technologies, Ian is also an active community member. For the past several years, he has given presentations and taught classes around the world. Ian often speaks about client side performance, JavaScript frameworks, and effective unit testing.

Ian has worked as a consultant, managing and executing client projects, as well as a product developer. In 2012, Ian co-founded Enliven and is Chief Technology Officer.

dnnGallery was created and run by these two individuals with the intention to serve the community. It is an independent site and has no affiliation with our employer or with any other third parties.